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Winter Style

Although I hate the cold, I absolutely adore dressing for the cold. Layering is one of my favorite things to do and its a crucial part of winter style. This particular outfit is far from winter style though. Yes I have the fabulous outerwear made by John + Jenn collection and yes I have comfy boyfriend style jeans from GAP but I also am baring full midriff with my Cosabella bustier. Eek!

john and jenn collection coat cosabella bustier top dc blogger curvy girl real body-6

In full disclosure though- The bustier was not going to be shown. I wore this outfit for Valentines Day to eat a homecooked oh-so delicious meal at Ashley of Chicville USA house with all my fave couples but I had my Brooks Brothers tux shirt buttoned up. Well kind of buttoned up since there are no buttons in the middle. Classic tux shirt right? Or is mine just all jacked up?

john and jenn collection coat cosabella bustier top dc blogger curvy girl real body-2

I have been going a different direction with my photo editing. Im a moody girl and I love my moody editing. Classic film style and matte finishes make my heart pitter patter. While I do not edit that way for brands or bloggers that I shoot, I adore it for my own blog. Maybe I am coming into my own and saying F it and just showing you all what makes me happy.
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top dc blogger winter style bustier red pumps

p.s  the bob is gone. I desperately missed my own hair so back to my shaggy pixie. I am trying to grow it out into an edgy fun tousled bob ala my fave blogger Karla Deras of about 6 months ago but it is SO HARD!!! Has anyone grown out their hair from a very short cut? How did you get past the awkward stage? Please HELP!!!

By the way… my hairstylist is FINALLY taking new clients. Definitely check her out if you are in the Maryland area…. Alisa of CosmoCrush



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