The Surprising Reason I Started Wearing Dresses Again

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty today. The warm weather is here to stay and the job of dressing is to stay cool- “literally and figuratively”. Dresses are the easiest way to go but I always reach for them very last and I’ll tell you why…

Thigh chafe.

These thighs of mine are their own heat making devices and can no doubt start a fire. Because of this I really started avoiding dresses in the warmer months.

Yes I have tried the gels and Yes, I throw shorts on underneath but it still annoys me because I don’t get that protection if wearing a shorter dress. And by shorter I mean like slightly above by knee. I mean I am 36 now! (Heehee) that’s totally for my moms amusement.

Asos polka dress on top washington dc curvy blogger spring styles_-18

But let’s go back to the story….

The only thing that got me back in dresses regularly these warmer months is the least likely source.


Yes Asos! Why, you ask? well I sure will tell you. Their recent dresses collection have me constantly wanting what I see that I finally bit the bullet and got a few. They were so cute, feminine and easy to wear looking that I said “forget the chafe, get the dress”.

Asos polka dress on top washington dc curvy blogger spring styles_

After recently giving away half my closet due to my weight gain and new style preferences, separates are lacking in my wardrobe. I’m tired of trying to get dressed for work and not being able to find a work-appropriate top to wear with my jeans. Or finding a top without the correct type of bottoms. It’s a struggle and I just want an easy-breezy getting dressed process.

So yeah- dresses are about as easy as you can get.

Especially now with my newfound love of little skippy tennis shoes to pair them with.

Asos polka dress on top washington dc curvy blogger spring styles_

This is my first installment of my dress series on the blog featuring Asos. I have a wishlist full of dresses I have saved on the site and each paycheck I will purchase one or two so I can grow my arsenal. The great thing also, dresses are perfect to layer under during the colder months so it’s not like I won’t get long term wear.

These are a few of the ones I’m currently lusting over at Asos.

But y’all reading MAY be lusting over this one that I have on and rightfully so! It’s asymmetrical. Polka dotted. Can be work with heels or flats. Has an interesting neckline and light as a feather. It was the first that I HAD to add to cart lol.

I chose to keep it simple with light pink earrings (also from ASOS) and my favorite shoes of all time, my scrappy black sandals. Sometimes it’s ok to let the dress be the statement. I am so used to having to dress up my outfits with little statements, that it’s really nice to just “be”.

So what are y’all looking forward to wearing more of in the summer?

Are you dress or separates kinda people?

Talk to me! ❤


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  1. May 29, 2018 / 9:34 am

    I love dresses during the summer also and ASOS is totally my jam! Love that dress on you!

    • jennjeanpierre
      May 29, 2018 / 2:52 pm

      thank you Darlene! Girl ASOS is the truth. Decent quality and affordable prices ahahahh