Wedding Diaries: The Mazda CX-5

driving the mazda cx-5 for top fashion bloggers wedding
photo by: Jacqui DePas

A wedding- or more precisely planning a wedding-is about the big things: Where will it be, who will walk you down the aisle, etc. But until you go through it, you realize that just as importantly are the small details. And not being a wedding girl, there was so much I didn’t even consider (hello, last minute run to get the license)! But we all know I’m always about saving money- so our wedding was a DIY project of love. Which means one of those small details included figuring out how to haul all our handmade decorations, family made bouquets and wedding items. 

Thankfully, we had the 2018 Mazda CX-5 to cart us around. I’ll never forget the excitement of hitting the road for my wedding weekend—peeking in the rear view mirror and seeing my big and beautiful dress stacked on top of bins and bins of decorations my fiancee and sis spent time and energy putting together. My mom and sister drove with me… do you know how much stuff three Haitian women can pack for a wedding weekend?!?!  and we had to use the Rear power liftgate to keep things from getting out of hand. 

driving the mazda cx-5 for top fashion bloggers wedding

Honestly, the Mazda’s smooth ride carted us around for some of the best memories of that whole celebration. We used it to drive to a special luncheon with my future in-laws, grabbing dinner and drinks at my favorite Cajun restaurant with my aunt and uncle, even a post wedding bash with my late owl friends.

You may not realize it now, but for the longest time- from cars to clothes- I stayed away from color. If there’s ever a time to make a splash- it’s your wedding day or weekend so I just did just that!  I don’t think you can go wrong with a car that’s “Soul Red”… the crystal metallic color definitely helped make my pictures pop.   

If there’s a reason I’m a car girl, it’s because of my dad. He worked in the auto industry the entirety of his career. We got my first car from his co-workers and whenever my teen or college-aged self had car problems we knew someone from his work could help us fix it.

After the ceremony, my husband (!!!) drove my photographer, Jacqui of JacquiDePasPhotography, one of my bonus daughters and my sister down to the pier to take some of my favorite photos. As our photographer got set up, and my bonus daughter and sister checked out the boats, Jermaine and I FINALLY got a chance to talk. He leaned out the window- the Mazda can definitely cater to his 6’3 height without a problem. As my new hubby sat in the car, I thought about my dad. He would have loved driving us around on our big day! He would have had fun checking out the Mazda Interior- even figuring out the easy audio set up. He would have loved it- He did and I know he was smiling and dancing with us. It might seem weird, but for an auto girl, having that car for our wedding was so incredibly special. Thanks Mazda- for helping take care one of those details to celebrate our special day.

And to all the people who are in the midst of wedding planning, who are struggling with the big and small details, who are equally football and fashion and who are more car than wedding-minded… Get the Soul Red car, honor your love and loved ones and enjoy the special moments!

driving the mazda cx-5 for top fashion bloggers wedding