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Summer Uniform

top baltimore style bloggerUniform.

That word typically dredges up images of plaid skirts and white knee socks or police officer blue in most people’s heads. It typically has an unstylish connotation and usually pretty mundane. But we all have a “uniform”. It is our go to outfit that never fails us. It does not always mean that its the same article of clothing but uniforms can be a certain style or silhouette. In the fall, my uniform tends to be tailored around leather jackets and wide leg pants. In the winter, I live in opaque tights, boots, and skater skirts. The summer brings out my love of white shirts and cutoffs. I live and die for a pair of denim cutoff shorts and make all the ones that I own. It all starts with heading to the mens section of a thrift store. Finding Levi’s or another sturdy denim line and cutting those legs off. I always cut on an angle instead of straight across because that elongates my thicker thighs far more. I will actually post a tutorial soon!

As far as the white shirts go, I will rock tanks, tube tops, sheer peasant blouses, halters and off the shoulder. But I am almost always in white. The weather in Baltimore has been close to what I imagine Hell feels like and besides its sun reflective qualities, I just feel like it looks amazing on my golden complexion. I mean…. its that simple lol

I purchased this off the shoulder top from my new favorite store Cotton On. I spoke more about it in this POST and here I am again with an off the shoulder ensemble. I love them because they hide my arms (they are getting a teeny bit too big for my liking) but yet gives a sexy look without showing too much skin.

baltimore style

denim cutoffs- squareThis particular pair are cut a teeny tiny bit shorter than I usually cut them AND wide leg jeans were used so the fit is a bit too baggy but I still love them!bohemian street style baltimorewhite off shoulder cross process top short haircuts in 2015 white shirt and denim matteI am not a fan of how “posey” this pic came out. Its like… what where you doing Jen?

Shirt: Cotton On *sold out* | Shorts: DIY Denim Cutoffs | Shoes: JustFab (old) |

My new favorite white off the shoulder top: HERE

Many thanks to Teena for the pictures!

shoot location: Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory

You all have probably noticed that alot of my shoots and social media are pretty Baltimore focused. What can I say I truly love this city and am happy I decided to stay even though I no longer had “ties” here. I am looking to shoot in more Charm City locales and cannot wait to show you how majestic Baltimore truly is. I can even say hands down, the restaurants kick DC’s butt!




  1. Jermaine Maull
    July 20, 2015 / 5:58 pm

    Your right, the shorts mite have been just a little baggy but you filled them out nicely. #ClassySassyDaisyDuke

    • Jen
      July 21, 2015 / 7:23 pm

      hahah Thanks jermaine!

  2. August 28, 2015 / 12:20 am

    Great look! Love the classic white top n torn denim.

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