Staycation at the AC Hotel National Harbor

Vacations are the best. Staycations are the next best.

Over Father’s Day weekend, I stay-cationed over at National Harbor at the newly opened AC Hotel and without sounding like a “blogger”, I really loved it! Upon arrival, the entrance lobby is very well decorated with more modern metallic sculptures and neutral tones. Think birch and tan colored wood and impressive metallic sculptures with a very minimalist color theme.

AC Hotel National Harbor by Jennifer of Comme Coco-112

To get to the guest registration desk, you must take the elevator to the 2nd floor where you are greeted by the warmest of smiles, at least Clay, the night manager on duty and Kiara the guest services associate offered that! Along with most well lit room I have ever seen in a hotel! If you love light as I do, you will be just as impressed as I was- maybe more!  The “photographer” in me, instantly thought, indoor photoshoot with NATURAL LIGHT! Score!!!!!!!!!!!!

AC Hotel National Harbor by Jennifer of Comme Coco-102 AC Hotel National Harbor by Jennifer of Comme Coco-105

AC Hotel National Harbor by Jennifer of Comme Coco-40 AC Hotel National Harbor by Jennifer of Comme Coco-106 AC Hotel National Harbor by Jennifer of Comme Coco-80

[aesop_content color=”#333333″ background=”#FFFFFF” columns=”2″ position=”none” imgrepeat=”no-repeat” floaterposition=”left” floaterdirection=”up”]But back to the beauty that is the AC Hotel National Harbor. In staying with my transparency, my stay was comped but I was not obligated to write a review on the hotel. This was supposed to be just a nice trip to boost some awareness of the positive changes made over at National Harbor but after spending time at the AC Hotel National Harbor, I could not keep from spreading the word. Often times we are quick to tell of our negative experiences so I want to make a point of speaking on the positive as well. And this was positive on a new level! The 2nd floor of the AC National Harbor Hotel houses the guest registration, an outdoor seating area, panoramic views of the Capitol Wheel and the Harbor, the bar where I had some super tasty craft cocktails and the AC Kitchen where they serve European style breakfasts. After being checked in, we happily took our carry on bags to the 8th floor! Kiara, the associate working the desk kept hinting to me that it was her favorite room in the hotel but of course I was not picking up on her enthusiasm at all. I just noticed how friendly and welcoming she was doing something as menial as checking us in. She surely knows how to greet guests! We get up to our room, open the door and EXPLOSION of light and even more panoramic views of the Harbor! I was in shock to see that we were placed in their largest suite and I knew from there that I was going to enjoy the AC Hotel National Harbor. I didn’t know what to do first! From standing on the balcony with a spectacular view of the Capital Wheel, to watching the numerous patrons enjoying the Sunday night Outdoor movie near the water, to doing a cartwheel in the massive bathroom (Hell 2 showers!!!!), to lying down on the plush king size bed, my head was spinning with the possibilities! In true Jennifer aka Comme Coco fashion, I whipped out my canon t3i and snapped away.


AC Hotel National Harbor by Jennifer of Comme Coco-135 view from suite at the ac hotel national harbor

AC Hotel National Harbor by Jennifer of Comme Coco-132 AC Hotel National Harbor by Jennifer of Comme Coco-126 AC Hotel National Harbor by Jennifer of Comme Coco-14

Once I stopped being such a shutterthug and the sun went down just a bit, I took a quick shower in the glass enclosed stall not the tiled shower- remember there were 2- and decided to wear my new French Connection Colorblock dress that was in my Le Tote package! It took me far longer to get ready than usual because I loved primping in the large dressing area side of the bathroom. I turned slightly into Narcissus! How can you not with the skin perfecting natural light from all those windows! My makeup never looked so blended and perfect!

AC Hotel National Harbor by Jennifer of Comme Coco-120


I eventually got dressed, snapped MORE pictures in the room and on the balcony overlooking the main quarter of National Harbor, and headed down to the 2nd floor to enjoy a cocktail or 3 at the bar. And that I did-  I enjoyed…… 3!

AC Hotel National Harbor by Jennifer of Comme Coco-35 AC Hotel National Harbor by Jennifer of Comme Coco-22

In keeping with the already amazing customer service provided by the manager Clay and associate Kiara, I was not shocked that our bartender was equally welcoming and customer service savvy! Just like I always preach “inhale fashion, exhale style, Abdullah, our bartender creates his cocktails with that thought in mind. Why have a cosmo the typical way when you can add a little something to liven it up. Why make JUST a regular whiskey drink without adding an aromatic bitter in the blend. I absolutely love this way of being and I certainly felt like he was the bartending ying to my personal style yang!

After drinks, it was all about oysters, seafood and catching the first half of Game 7 of the NBA Finals and that we did. Ate at The Walrus where I was pretty underwhelmed by Curry Mussels pot. I had to add some spices to it as it was pretty bland for a curry style broth. The oysters however were tasty and paired well with our server recommended Horseradish Oyster Sauce from the Pepper Palace. The service was again impeccable and I am starting to see a phenomenal customer service trend at the National Harbor!

AC Hotel National Harbor by Jennifer of Comme Coco-88 AC Hotel National Harbor by Jennifer of Comme Coco-89

The plan was to watch the 2nd half of the game in the massive AC Hotel National Harbor suite but once seeing the fun atmosphere of those watching at the hotel, it couldn’t be resisted to watch along with other fellow sports lovers! Although the better team lost- yes I am bitter, solely because of my lack of like for CryBaby James, it was a blast watching with others in the lobby of the hotel! And before anyone comes for me, I do agree he is the current best player to play the James Naismith invented game but I still am not a fan (lol). Guess that classifies me as a H-A-T-E-R!

While watching the game, there was an elephant in the room. That elephant being the Capital Wheel. With the darn near floor to ceiling windows of the hotel, I kept making eye contact with the infamous ferris wheel and it was beckoning me to ride. So that I did….. at 11:30pm, I hopped in the climate controlled gondola and saw all of National Harbor from a different view!

AC Hotel National Harbor by Jennifer of Comme Coco-95 AC Hotel National Harbor by Jennifer of Comme Coco-96 AC Hotel National Harbor by Jennifer of Comme Coco-92AC Hotel National Harbor by Jennifer of Comme Coco-97

Eventually it was time to sleep and I face planted right into the king size bed! But of course before dozing off, I had to check a few emails, post an IG pic and watch others’ snapchats so I am thankful that the nightstands had outlets with actual USB ports! I was able to not only charge my phone but also my external charger for my phone! Ingenius!

Thank you to the folks at the National Harbor and of course the AC Hotel for making it to the top of my Best Places to Staycation list! See you soon!!!!