His + Her Style: Snow Day

Let’s be real honest here- Washington DC has had a very mild winter. It’s been cold, don’t get me wrong but we have not had a legit snow day at all.

Until yesterday.

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Yesterday I woke up to a solid 6 inches on the ground and more flurries coming down. I rolled over and of course Jermaine was already up and the first thing he said to me was “You wanna have some fun?”

Let me first say that I absolutely love when he has ideas for shoots. Not only does it take the weight off of me but it makes this brand feel far more like ours instead of mine. That is EXTREMELY important to me. He and I are a team and I want to be a team with everything.

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So Jermaine’s idea was to have morning coffee sitting outside on our patio furniture in the middle of the snow dressed in our furs. I immediately thought “Iced coffee” as a caption and then my crazy brain took it further and I said lets ditch the clothes and do it in our skivvies!



I wanted to rock my fur with no pants on but we needed some color against the snow so I found some spring like pants instead. He went out there in just his fruit of the looms lol.



Gosh I love that man!

Yes my beautiful man went outside on a snow day in just a coat and his boxer briefs because he loves to create just like me.

As I was editing these photos, I was kinda irritated with myself. The bra was too bra looking and did not flow with the outfit and as much as I tried to figure it out in photoshop, I could not change its color. I was sad about it.


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As frustrated as I was, I stopped myself and redirected the negative to something positive.

I had a FUN day at home with my love, shooting and just having a blast in the snow. Whatever we do is not going to be perfect but it will be fully us. We aren’t faking it for the audience and we aren’t tailoring it for brands. We are out here leading with our personalities and throwing out the overthinking and numbers game. Trust me- we are still a legit business. But influencers shouldn’t be so money hungry. We should just live our best lives and by doing that authentically we can gain that audience because our authenticity will resonate. I believe that if you are having fun creating without the money eventually someone will eventually pay you to create. Have the passion first. The rest will come.

And well….

All I know is that………

This is us.

With all of our quirks.

And together. We are unstoppable.


Outfit Details

On Jen

fur: Boutique Hush | Bra: Kohls | Pants: Vivi Trendsetter | Shoes: ShoeDazzle (old) | Hat: Goorin Bros

On Jermaine

coat with fur collar: thrifted | Sweatshirt: Tees In The Trap | Boxers: Fruit of the Loom | Boots: ASOS

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