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Our Love of Hats

Our Love of Hats

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There is one thing that is extremely consistent with Jermaine and my style and that is our love of hats. It gives me great pleasure to know and say that I brought him into the world of wide brims and how they can easily elevate the simplest of looks.

Ever since I was a young child, I have loved hats. It also helps that my Dad was a huge fan of them as well although he favored the newsboy variety. He had one of his beloved style for every season. A tweed one for Fall. Leather for Winter. A khaki cotton one for Spring and Summer. 

I still remember the moment when Jermaine and I were going out and I felt like his outfit needed a certain OOMPH. I grabbed my black fedora and plopped it on his head and they have been inseparable since. Plus its a great way to hide when he needs a haircut.

If you follow me on instagram then you know that I announced the launch of Coupled by Style. What is that you ask? Well its Jermaine and my style instagram together. I noticed that photos of both of us always did REALLY well on social media so I thought well why not dedicate a page to just our style. So once a month (maybe more), we are going to shoot outfits together. The really cool part is that we shoot our photos ourselves with the help of a tripod and the canon connect app as a remote trigger.

I truly think this will help set Coupled By Style apart.

And yes these photos WERE shot by us.

washington style blogger couple hats fall style

Washington DC has a million fashion bloggers. It’s funny because the other day a reader stopped me and exclaimed that I, Jen Jean-Pierre was one of the biggest black bloggers in the area. I was pretty shocked at this because I really am small peanuts in the industry. I could grow but yall would have to do a little more sharing of my posts and maybe FOLLOW me on social 🙂

But then I thought about it and I guess I am. 

But the point of this was to remark about how Washington DC does not really have any couple style. We have awesome male bloggers and awesome female bloggers but no one together. So we saw the hole and we are filling it!

I guess we are on the right track because Tenth Street Hats used Jermaine’s photo from this shoot on their website!

Dope AF right?

fall style couples his her hats fossil green bag denim jacket tan moto jacket

I know I am kinda rambling on and on and I apologize for that. This is a style blog so let’s dish a bit about the style why don’t we?

We wanted to coordinate but we did not want to be matchy matchy. It was a crisp 65 degree day so we were geeked to wear some Fall clothes.

I chose an all white palette with  autumn statements and Jermaine decided to leave the statement on his head and toes. Did you check out those boots?

He waited a while for these bad boys to go on SALE and when they did he nabbed them!

That is also the thing about us. We will not sacrifice our budget for fashion. When you have style, you can rock anything and make it work. 

And yes we have style.

I mean we are Coupled by Style!

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Speaking of not sacrificing our budget for fashion……. these Ralph Lauren boots that I am wearing are from the thrift store. I found them BRAND spankin new for a whopping $17 dollars! They are a rich chocolate brown color and are suede. I love that they have a mini heel so I can still elongate my legs a little without hurting my poor little flat feet.

  So what are your thoughts on the first installment of Coupled by Style? 

Is it a NAHHHH or a YASSSS? talk to me in the comments

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  1. Claudia
    September 20, 2018 / 10:59 am

    Keep them coming… right to to Michigan 🙂
    Makes me wish I bought a wide brim blue hat in Maine lol but my budget stopped me

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