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Mad about Plaid

Mad about Plaid

Wait... are these pants considered plaid?

While I am not quite sure of the exact description of what is plaid and what is considered checked, I do know that I love these bad boys oh so much. On a recent lunch excursion, I got lost and found my way to H&M. As I was perusing the store, my eyes landed on this rack of simple slacks for 14.99. Because H&M is notorious for never making their legs big enough for my ample thighs, I assumed that I could not fit them.

After walking around and seeing nothing that tickled my fancy or even fit, I went back to that rack with the 14.99 slacks and decided to try on these brown plaid ones. To my absolute shock, they fit and were actually comfy. I will squeeze my legs into some pants and tell myself they will stretch out and more often than not, they don’t stretch out ENOUGH but these plaid/checked pants fit so well.

top washington dc blogger wearing fall trends plaid pants from HM_-30

So I proceeded to buy every single color and print in a size 14.

I got home and to my dismay- the others were def not as comfy. I ended up keeping two pairs and the solid black ones were returned with haste. I refuse for slacks to look painted on. If that were the case I would still believe leggings were pants.


I wore this outfit on a Friday that I was visiting Ivy Wild in the Manhattan Laundry section of DC. Ivy Wild is a recently opened skin care and cosmetic store and I wanted to check them out. I am sure you are thinking “not another beauty store”. But they are super different. First and foremost everything in the store is non toxic and clean and second- they are awesome and super knowledgeable.

I went in with makeup on and 5 minutes in, I found myself at the sink using their products to take everything off and try to do a whole regimen using only non toxic products.

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I was sold. I did not realize just how much my skin really did not like the cleanser I was using and how positively it reacted to the products that Rachel, the owner of Ivy Wild, recommended.

Because my focus and goal with blogging has always been to build your trust as a reader, I am very picky with what brands I align myself with. If I don’t really love the product, I will not work with them or try to sell you on it. At the end of the day for me it is about sharing GREAT products instead of just sharing anything that pays me.

Ivy Wild really is amazing. I had a great time with the ladies and I really loved the products. Like REALLY loved them. I left with like 4 new things for my beauty arsenal and I have been using them in my routine.

heck even Jermaine found stuff for himself!

ivy wild beauty products favorites top washington dc blogger jen jean-pierre

Outfit Details

If you are in DC, I suggest getting a Draft Latte from La Colombe and then going straight to Ivy Wild. Please don’t forget to mention that I sent you 😊



  1. October 24, 2018 / 2:47 pm

    Have you tried oil cleansing before using a regular face wash? Changed my entire life! I hope to find time to blog about my new skin care regimen. Love that handbag so much!

    • jennjeanpierre
      November 1, 2018 / 1:17 pm

      I have been using an oil cleanser. I really like it. But I never thought of doing two cleansers…. hmmmmmmm

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