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You have probably noticed that it has been over a month since my last official blog post. Sure, I have been active on Instagram but my blog has certainly been ignored. To be totally honest, I have been in such a writing slump and do not even know where to begin.

I recently was perusing my own Instagram feed and realized that there is a good ole backstory to a lot of my photos so I have decided to start a new weekly series on the blog– InstaDigest. 

Basically, I will pull that week’s Instagram photos and under them will give you the behind the gram story or anything of importance or hilarity about it.

So we shall kick off the inaugural edition with the week of Thanksgiving cause your girl was on FIYAH!

This was a sponsored post for Dove and their Dermacare shampoo and conditioner. I had recently had Alisa put in my faux crochet goddess locs and my scalp became super itchy so this campaign was great for me to be a part of. You all know I am tired of being a basic B when it comes to my photos so I thought I would step it up a notch or two and create something whimsical and pretty. Our tub is NOT big at all so sitting this way was super uncomfortable. I had loaned out my 18-55 lens and my 35mm lens so I was stuck using a 50mm lens that poor Jermaine had to be in another room to be able to capture everything. I had a ring light shining on me to create some kind of light and 5 shots later and 30 minutes of editing and this was our final shot!

So I am a huge fan of magazine editorials and also a huge fan of Tezza. This was another sponsored campaign for the holidays with ModCloth (see previous posts here) and again I did not want to do the same same. Even though a few of the pics were just of me standing there and posing, this is ultimately my favorite. I had no clue if it would look ok or if I was a total faker but I like it and probably will frame it.

As far as editing, I used my same old preset and tweaked it for lighting adjustments. I also changed the perspective in Lightroom so that my legs appear longer. I believe it is the Y axis. Because I have a longer torso and shorter legs, I like to do this often to add dimension and sell the outfit. No one would probably notice the difference and I think my next post may be about this!

Well dang… another campaign. To be fair it is the end of the year and most companies and brands are trying to use up their budget so there is that.

This photo was for Dimensions Fragrance. I actually did a full carousel for this but this was the cover photo. If you are not familiar with IG, the carousel is where you can have multiple photos in one post in a sliding format.

Again this was edited my usual way but I had no makeup on and looked REALLY rough. It just was not appealing so I used the Perfect 365 app to get rid of my hereditary dark circles and also add some color to my lips.

Lately I have noticed a darkening to my lips and I attribute it to dehydration and not drinking enough liquids!


This is what you call a FILLER PIC!

I was tired of seeing the same same on my feed so I need to throw something in to balance it out.

A few months ago I had mentioned my love for Inkos tea on my instagram stories and they saw it and sent me 4 of them.

The honey dew is my fave.

Nothing major with this pic. I just took it with my iphone outside when I had cute boots on!


p.s. these boots I bought at Forever 21 for like 8 bucks!

This was Jermaine’s baby. When shooting this outfit for Tribal Fashion, I wanted something fun. I just did not know what though.

We were in Virginia Beach for the Thanksgiving holiday and Jermaine mentioned heading to his old high school to take pics. So we did just that.

The buses were all there and he told me to stand between them and he would capture. All I had to do was pose.

Again this was edited my usual way but I did pump up the blues in the sky. I liked how it brought out the yellow/orange of the buses cause they are contrasting colors!

Sigh….. another sponsored post.


Who am I?


Oh let me also state that most of my campaigns are not paid. I do receive product but I did not receive compensation for at least 70% of them.

I am trying to work on my content creation with Jermaine so that is why we went this way. 

This photo was set up by Jermaine before my Babe Rose girls brunch. I really loved the way it came out and if anyone wants to try some…. come on over. I still have tones left!

top dc fashion couple

This is what happens after the Babe Rose Brunch– you cannot help but SMILE.



This pic was taken with my iphone 7 plus with the portrait mode. Because we were outdoors in natural light, it looks higher quality than usual.


This is probably my favorite photo of Jermaine and I to date.

Nothing sponsored.

We were celebrating our friend Ashley’s birthday at a campground in Greenbelt, MD.


I fricken LOOOOVVVEEEEEE this photo!


For ModCloth, I wanted to have a holiday feel to the pic. We were in Virginia Beach for Thanksgiving and Jermaine talked about going to the Town Center. 

It was about 8am and no one was around since they were probably cooking up a storm.

Speaking of “weather” it was FREEZING that day. Not only was it chilly but ohhhh wee that WIND! Im thankful for Jermaine dealing with it to snap a few of me.


I know that I blend a bit with the tree and my printed suit but I really love this photo!

I am kinda saddened that ModCloth didnt use it cause I thought it was FAB

This is another photo that I changed the perspective. Elongate those legs a little!

top dc content creator blogger curvy shot for modcloth

I have not posted the first photo yet on the ‘gram but I want to.

The issue right now is that Instagram is acting a complete fool. My engagement is the lowest it has ever been and I only get likes or views if I promote my posts. I am tired of spending money for people to see my post so it is what it is. At the end of the day I am pretty proud of what I create and put out there.

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    Loving the first edition of InstaDigest!!