My Favorite Black Owned Businesses

“A race that is solely dependent upon another for its economic existence sooner or later dies.”

So much positivity can happen when we start putting our money towards our community. One of the easiest ways to do so is by shopping Black Owned Businesses.


p.s. This is a living document and will be updated as I find and shop more of our people’s fabulous businesses + services.

buy black


Blake Porter Boutique

Elite Couture Boutique

Tees in the Trap

Azede Jean-Pierre

Fordam Rowe

Celena Lynn Gill

Lakay Bel Fanm

Humility Clothing


Jewelry + Accessories


A Log Cabin in Brooklyn

Ginen Creations


Stylists + Vintage Dealers

The Working Beauty

Instant Vintage

Fashion Citizen

Keri Henderson

Virle Cole


Denisse Benitez


Kaye McCoy

Crystal Aegean

Artsy Rossy Design

Makeup + Beauty

Candie Painted Gloss

Natty Naturals

Ilera Apothecary

The Lip Bar


Sweat DC (very body positive class)

Real Estate

NY + MD: Trisha Penn

DC + MD: Rukaiyah J Tyler

Home Decor Etc

Freres Branchiaux

Xola Interiors







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