Fashion is more than a passion

As you read in my previous post, NYFW left me very inspired and empowered to kick some butt fashion wise. Although I always emphasize inhale fashion, exhale style- fashion is more than a passion for me. It is what I want to do career wise. Whether photography, social media marketing, or directing photoshoots, I live for this art. Currently I work in social media and honestly I am in love with what I do and the company I work for but at the end of the day we all know what truly has my heart.

top fashion blogger in washington dc wearing j jill

When I say that fashion is more than a passion, I don’t want to focus solely on a career. Everything that I do comes back to style and fashion. Alot of the movies or TV shows I watch are geared towards the clothes and how they are worn to showcase different personalities. I started watching the show, The Bold Type because the trailer had some amazing outfits and I needed to know more. One of my fave movies, The Thomas Crown Affair (original and remake) feature some of the most amazing classic pieces.

Actually as I write this, I realize that my next post may be about my favorite styled movies or shows.

Top dc fashion blogger styling j. jill pieces

But speaking of classic pieces and fashion.

The last few months I have been wearing and styling a lot of pieces by J. Jill. As I get older, I gravitate towards items that I can build a wardrobe with instead of just fun and/or trendy pieces and J. Jill makes that task very easy.

Top DC fashion blogger styling j.jill pieces

For Day 2 of NYFW, I chose to go classic with a touch of trendy. I paired my J. Jill plaid stretch pants with a maxi blazer that I purchased from The Working Beauty’s yard sale. This thrifted find can be worn as a blazer type dress or as I wore it, a coat and I love it. But it did not work for ever occasion of day 2 so I switched out a denim jacket for a few looks when I wanted to give off a different vibe.

Top DC fashion blogger styling j.jill pieces


The main focus of Day 2 was the SteeleVain brunch hosted by Fashion Steele NYC + Vana Vain and sponsored by HUE and Shea Moisture. See all the awesomeness HERE!

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Top DC fashion blogger styling j.jill pieces

I do believe that I can show you better than I can tell you so please take a moment and peruse these posts to see how I styled other J. Jill pieces. They are my go-to for fall classic pieces and this denim shirt dress that they just debuted on the website is such an easy and perfect layering piece.

Top DC fashion blogger styling j.jill pieces

On another note…….. I recently hit 15,000 followers on Instagram and I am OH SO GEEKED!!! That means that over 15k of you actually want to see what I post on that social platform and I am so incredibly excited and humbled! THANK YOU!!!!