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Easy 5 Step Skincare Routine

No lie, I get asked at least once a week about my skincare routine and favorite products and 9 out of 10 times, I cringe when asked. Why? Cause truth be told, my skincare routine heavily mirrors my Pisces brain of inconsistency. I know what I need to do but I do not always do it. Breaking the cardinal skin rule of washing makeup off every night is a regular thing for me. It will catch up. I know.

But when I do follow my skincare routine, it is EPIC!

I rarely toot my own horn but let me toot toot for a minute. Thanks to my genetics, I have easy skin. I haven’t seen a true blemish in over 2 decades and my only downfall are my hereditary  dark under eye circles. They do haunt me but thanks to concealer, I can fake flawless and even skin.

I know ya’ll are over on the other side of your computer or tablet or phone reading this thinking “will she get on with it?”

So, I am getting on with it.

My easy 5 step skincare routine

  • Water, water and more water. This is the most important product for beautiful skin. No amount of product can beautify you like drinking lots and lots of water. Again, like alot in my life, I am not consistent with it but WHEN I am, my skin GLOWS solely from drinking at least 80oz of water a day.
  • Concealer and mascara are daily necessities for me. So because of this, I always use Coconut Oil to remove eye makeup. It does not sting or burn and its soft on the delicate eye area. I rub, rub and then use an ultra soft cotton ball to wipe it off. The excess will come off in the shower. Oh, forgot to add. I only wash my face in the shower. Im not a splish splash in the sink like the commercials kinda gal.
  • I LIVE for the Don’t Call Me Ma’am products. They don’t test on animals, use botanical ingredients, AND their packages are eco-friendly. My skin always reacts to other face washes by being unbelievably dry. With the DCMM everyday wash, I do not experience this. I use an exfoliating hand glove for a little deeper cleaning.

favorite skincare products routineAfter I get out of the shower, I use a t-shirt to wipe my face not my towel. Why? I don’t know. I feel like a towel can be too harsh on my face. Or maybe my too frugal self has too hard of towels but a t-shirt is my preference. After my face is patted dry, yes pat pat like you pat your weave ladies, I use a little oil on it for moisture. Elizabeth Arden carries my current favorite. I focus the oil on my under eye and then use the Vine-Vera under eye cream. I pay alot of attention to my under eye area because that is where my skin is the most delicate and the way I put concealer on in the past made that area sensitive. I got wrinkles there ya’ll and me no likey them!favorite skincare routine productsI typically SWEAR by Olay moisturizers but lately I have been using the St. Ives collagen moisturizer. It is pretty light but my skin absorbs it well. A little goes a very long way so if you try it, I highly suggest putting less than a dime size. Oh and don’t forget your neck. Put moisturizer on your neck yall!!!! No one wants a smooth looking face and wrinkled ass neck right? Honorable Mention Products

  • About twice a month, I use the Derma-e purifying scrub on my face and neck. I still use the exfoliating scrub but I skip my usual face wash.Skincare is not JUST about the face. To keep my body’s skin glowing, I love Malie Organics pikake soap. It’s the closest to Hawaii that I will get and the smell alone makes it a-ok for me. This soap does not leave a weird residue and it washes off easily. I do NOT use body wash. Ever. I am a bar soap girl. It took me getting this soap to stop using Irish Spring. Yes, I R I S H- S P R I N G! p.s. sorry for the link going to a wash but here is another for the SOAP.Last but not least… body lotion. My skin fricken  LOVES the Nivea original creme. I go from ashy to magnificently radiant with just a dab of this potion.
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