A night out at District Winery

It’s Mid February in Washington DC and the weather happens to be a beautiful 70 degrees, so what do you do?

You call up the guys and gals and you head over to district winery, duh!


A few Wednesdays ago the weather was in fact in the very high 70s and my friends and I came from our opposite ends of town to drink wine (beer for me) in the newly renovated Navy Yard neighborhood of DC and  had a glorious time.

top washington dc fashion blogger night out at district winery

Let me first explain. District Winery isn’t just a fancy schmancy name. It is in fact Washington DC’s first winery and is magnificent. From their website: District Winery is a commercial, urban winery set in the heart of DC, committed to pushing the boundaries of winemaking. Our creativity and pursuit of excellence translates into everything that we do. From our relationships with growers to those built between our customers and our staff, we strive to foster a community of food and wine lovers that enjoy and appreciate District Winery as much as we do.

top washington dc fashion blogger night out at district winery

top washington dc fashion blogger night out at district winery

Although the wine was incredibly delicious, I chose to sip on beer. Being a very fond, fond admirer of Guinness, I fell in love with the milk stout that they had on tap. I loved it so much in fact that I had 3 whole glasses of it. Three glasses is not much but for my non drinking behind, it was just enough to make me a happy tipsy lady.

top washington dc fashion blogger night out at district winery

I’m also not a fan of drinking without eating as well. Thankfully District Winery’s food was just as delicious as their libations. Jermaine was hoarding the duck wings and my taste buds did the mambo to their cheese crusted bread with a spicy butternut squash dip.

But back to what you are really here for. The outfit. The clothes. My style, right?

[aesop_parallax height=”400″ img=”https://www.jenjeanpierre.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/a-night-out-at-district-winery-14.jpg” parallaxbg=”fixed” parallaxspeed=”2″ captionposition=”bottom-left” lightbox=”off” floater=”on” floaterposition=”left” floaterdirection=”none” overlay_revealfx=”off”]



top washington dc fashion blogger night out at district winery

If you watch my insta-stories, you know I am currently OBSESSED with Target’s new denim line, Universal Thread. I chose to wear the high rise, straight leg pair in a size 12 (the size 14 that I own are my looser comfy pair) with a green floral print off shoulder ruffle top. To add a little spring to the mix, I donned my pink strappy ShoeDazzle Seidy sandals and off I went.

Oh you like my sunnies?

Why thank you- they were my father’s favorite pair. I still remember the day he purchased them in Ohio on a family vacay. We were shopping and he needed a new pair of sunglasses and fell in love with these but they were a little pricey. I remember my mom, sis and I convincing him that he DESERVED this pair and should treat himself. And treat himself he did.

I’m happy to be their current owner because every time I put them on I feel a bit closer to him. Oh, Daddy- I miss you!

Outfit Details

Top: H&M (old)

Jeans: Target

Earrings: Ch0ked (check out my buy black section and use code COMMECOCO)

Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Clutch: Vintage from mom’s closet


About District Winery

  • Date Night Package
  • Wedding Venue (should this be where J and I get hitched?)
  • Meetings & Events