Day 1 at NYFW 2017

Ok so the first full day of NYFW 2017 went a little like this for me. As is customary, I do these posts a tad bit different, You are gonna get the short and sweet bullet point version just like this post from February.

  • Woke up at 7:30am at Monroe’s house with J aka Jen’s Plus One
  • Got ready to head out to Barleycorn
  • Took an uber to Barleycorn to catch the Arsenal soccer match.
  • Met up with J’s friends from elementary school and watched Arsenal kick all the butt 3-0 baby!!!
  • Ate probably the best Avocado Toast I have had EVER. Why so good you ask? Cause the bread was still a little soft and not toasted to tooth breakage level.
  • Learned about the Aperol Spritzer. Look it up, it sounds delish.
  • Left Barleycorn and walked over to the World Trade Center and walked through the Oculus and all the brand spankin new beautiful shops.
  • Made a stop at Beauborg in Le District to try out their Fro-Ze. It’s made with mango ciroc and rose and its pretty phenomenal.
  • Left Le District around 2:30pm and headed over to Skylight at Clarkson Square to shoot some street style. J got AWESOME shots.
  • Finally and happily met Kaye and Jendaiya who are both PHENOM and bad ass female photogs
  • Monroe met us up there and we took some shots together and then got photographed for Essence by Hannan Saleh!
  • Saw blogger from We Wore What and thought she looked amazing and then saw how much she photoshopped her pic in that same outfit. Sigh! Go ahead compare our pics from 10th Letter Visuals with hers. She is such a GORGEOUS woman with a beautiful body and wished she saw that.
  • Left Skylight area and headed to Chelsea.
  • Ate at Creamline at Chelsea Market. Pretty tasty Tuna Sandwich and fries if I must say.
  • Walked from Chelsea Market to Pier 59 cause Monroe had a show and we were going to shoot more street style.
  • J and I shot some great looks and even saw one of my fave actresses, Gina Gershon.
  • Monroe came out early because she realized her show was for the next day.
  • Hopped in a Via and headed back to Harlem.
  • Got home, well to her house and started editing some photos.
  • Left her place around 8 for Oso Harlem to have a little date night.
  • Ate the BEST Mexican food there. 2 fish tacos, 1 shrimp taco, cilantro-lime rice and churros to be exact.
  • Stuffed our bellies and then headed back to Monroe’s.
  • Saw a bodega and begged J to snap a quick pic of me in it.
  • Arrived back at Monroe’s and been editing and adding videos to this bad boy below. Hope you enjoy!


STAY TUNED for tomorrow’s vlog which will be better because I will actually attend some shows and vlog from a pretty epic brunch at Maman. So far the weather is near perfect making for a pretty nice time in NYC for NYFW 2017.




  1. Dream26
    September 10, 2017 / 7:10 pm

    Love Everything the side walk shots the food as well . Very egar to see Day 2

    • Jen
      September 14, 2017 / 10:25 pm

      thank you! I am a litle slow on day 2 lol