Chevrolet Trax Review

Chevrolet Trax- Comme CocoMy love of an SUV and living in the city do not always go together. From finding a parking space to the oh so narrow streets, driving an SUV in DC or Baltimore is torture! Growing up in Michigan, almost everyone had a truck or sports utility vehicle of some kind and I am just accustomed to that type of vehicle. I love the feeling of being perched above other cars, I love the storage, and I love that boss lady feel that comes with stepping out of one. Others may state that a sports car is even nicer to strut out of in your fabulous heels but I beg to differ.

For the trip to Hammonsport, NY for a wedding at the amazing Heron Hill Winery, I teamed up with General Motors to test out their new compact SUV, the Chevrolet Trax. This new line of automobile is geared towards those living in the city who still need that SUV feel when choosing a car. I personally think they nailed it minus a few small particulars. This car would be perfect for navigating the mean (way too narrow) streets of DC and Baltimore easily and below is my full review! Please keep in mind that I am not a car enthusiast, I have not received monetary compensation and these are all my opinions based on my test drives.

top baltimore blogger in the chevrolet trax

Gas Mileage: This car is fantastic on gas! I received it with a full tank of gas, drove 40 miles to pick up my friend, then drove about 200 miles before we had to stop and refuel. Mind you it was not on empty when we stopped and probably could have made the whole trip on one tank. We also had the AC blasting for the full 4.5 hours and we definitely hit a few places where we probably should have adjusted our speed and not gone as fast as we did. That brings me to my next review of the Chevy Trax…

Ride Comfort-ability: Although the shocks could have been a bit better, this was a very smooth riding vehicle. (It may not have been the shocks and possibly the tires could be a little bigger but again I am not an expert.) The car feels lightweight yet sturdy, handles curves really well (we were driving in the mountains and got to test this out ALOT), and accelerates like a sports car (in my opinion). This little devil really has pick up and before you know it, you are going almost 90 and do not feel it. I suggest not going that fast though and I only realized that once when I looked at the speedometer!

Interior Style: Definitely has a nice cock pit, space age feel to it. I loved the blue lights on the dashboard and how everything is touchscreen. The controls were all easy to use and it had a very luxurious feel to it! Way to go Chevy!

chevrolet trax dashboard

Technology: 4G LTE Wifi. Do I need to say anymore?

Storage: While on our trip, Kizzy and I made a few thrift store stops and I purchased an end table for my apartment. This new table, 3 floral arrangements, 3 suitcases, 3 tote bags and random odds and ends fit perfectly in the trunk and back seats and we had room for more without feeling like we were crowded in the car. The storage space is a plus!

Compact SUV- Comme Coco back seat space in chevy trax

The only downfall in my opinion was the arm rest. It sucked! Kizzy and I felt like we were in an airplane seat because of it. Its short in length and far too high up to rest your arm comfortably. This should be changed. Also the cupholders and shift were a bit low compared to the too high arm rest. Other than that, this is a great vehicle for easily parking in the city or zipping through the mountains!

Chevrolet Trax 2016 car review- comme coco

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Many thanks to General Motors and Drive the District for this opportunity!

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  1. July 1, 2015 / 8:39 pm

    Such a cute little SUV, I love Chevy great vehicles (I have had 2, I drive a Equinox now) so I might be a little bias though, lol!!!

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  2. July 8, 2015 / 5:56 am

    I have an FLUENCE in black.
    But better this car for the petrol. Pls check my BG,
    I included to you in my last post, thanks for sharing,
    and I hope you like the feature…
    Have a great week!