BMW Ultimate Driver Experience

A few weekends ago, Jermaine and I were invited to experience BMW under their Ultimate Driver umbrella and boy did we have fun!

I mean- first, it’s BMW so I’m always there. Second, it was at FedEx Field which is literally a 5 minute walk from my house. Third, did I mention, its BMW?!?!

Since I was a very young child I was fascinated by BMWs. It could be that every Haitian strives for a BMW or the fact that I find them incredibly beautiful, I don’t know. But, seeing the symbol always had me excited. As I grew older I narrowed down my love to a specific vehicle in the line— the x5.

Why the X5? It’s a cute SUV and you all know I am drawn to that type of vehicle. While convertibles, sports cars, and sedans are fine and dandy, I like a “bigger body”. I like looking down at cars and having to climb into it rather than looking up at cars next to me on the road. Maybe its a short girl thang!

So on a random Saturday early evening, Jermaine and I went to the parking lot of FedEx field (where the Washington DC football team plays) and had the opportunity to test drive BMWs as well as the chance to be driven by a trained professional on a course to see just how amazing these puppies drive.

(You can see the video of that on my YOUTUBE channel. It is actually quite funny to see me in the backseat unprepared for how fast we would go!)

But I digress.

The Ultimate Driving experience started with test drives and once that was over, attendees were invited inside to a small dinner and discussion. Chef Tiffany Jhingory, west indian culimary expert, made all of our taste buds dance with salt fish fritters, rice +beans, jerk chicken and the best bread pudding I have ever had! Like it was seriously so good that I not only ate my own piece, but I also asked for seconds cause “greedy”!

The discussion portion was led by Roland Martin and Yewande Austin. The former, an American TV Journalist and activist. The latter, an artist, business owner and cultural activist. I am purposely not speaking much about them because I truly would like you to do your research. I learned SO much from their discussion on cultural inclusion and I am still hungry for more.

For this event, the weather was absolutely stunning (hey 75 degrees!) so I wore my newly purchased yellow dress from Target. Speaking of Target. It is my new obsession for clothing. With my growing figure (nope, not pregnant just a love of food), Target enables me to find things in my size that are still super cute! This dress was on clearance for under 20 bucks and is SUPER comfy.

Top Washington DC Blogger Spring Styles-5

I’m wearing a size 14 in it and had plenty of room in the bust and tummy area. It fits more snugly in my thigh and butt area but not in an unflattering way.

You can purchase this dress here and please always remember to ask me any questions you may have before. I know online shopping can be tough!

So ladies and gents-

What is your dream car and why is it your dream car? Talk to me!