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The 5 bloggers every brand should book

2019 is the year of the bloggers/influencers. Many studies show that marketing budgets are being created with influencer marketing heavily involved and rightfully so.

But like I have written time and time again, most brands and PR companies tend to stick with familiar faces without taking a chance on the new rising stars. While it is always a risk and is scary, there are some amazing content creators that really are not booking campaigns whether they pitch well or not.

So without further ado

The 5 Bloggers

every brand should

book in 2019

top female bloggers showcasing spring trends
top black bloggers wearing spring trends

Before I list these amazing bloggers, disclaimers need to be addressed.

This is not a comprehensive list. This is not the end all be all. I chose these bloggers based on knowing them and their content, knowing that they do not land many gigs even though they should, and wanting to support others like myself who love to create content but aren’t getting booked.

I also note that I do understand that numbers are mostly what brands look for and not all of us have those strong metrics. What we do have is an innate ability to create compelling content that truly resonates and incites interactions from our audience.

Basically these bloggers value VALUE and have built strong and loyal audiences that recognize that. I also wanted to add bloggers in this list that are probably open to creating marketing content for brands without needing to post it on their owned channels.

top washington dc fashion blogger with protective style of box braids wearing a yellow top and patterned blazer

I have to start with myself because in 2019 I am taking from the Shameless Maya playbook and shamelessly promoting myself. For years I have devoted energy and time to promoting other bloggers and empowering them while forgetting to use some of that for myself. While my metrics aren’t outstanding, I love the art of photography, pushing my creative abilities, developing concepts for shoots, and then delivering those concepts. In 8 plus years of blogging, I have created a true community of women and men who value my authentic and transparent approach to social media. Maintaining the integrity of my blog has always been at the forefront of my business and will always bring products that I truly believe in to my audience. Because of that, my readers know that if I am praising a product then it is in fact something worth trying out.

My brand mindset lies in trust-building which then brings influence.

I am open to partnering with fashion, family, tech, and travel brands.

top 5 bloggers that brands should book

Another excellent content creator who produces some high editorial type content is Lanatria aka Caribbean_Cowgirl on instagram. This lovely lady can style nearly anything and also loves affordable fashion. But please dont let that fool you. She can create for all types of brands in all price points. Located in North Carolina, Lanatria and her husband can make rural areas look like full out photoshoot sets. Her adaptability and phenomenal styling makes her an ideal for collabs with fashion, accessory, and beauty brands.

Luxury meets vintage meets chic androgyny is the motto when it comes to Vanessa of Vana Vain. This Boston based blogger and stylist pulls looks together that are always before their time. Layering, the epic use of wide belts for cinching, and making bold prints seem like everyday wear are some of her specialties. What is remarkable about Vana is her relatability and her authentic nature. She rewears many items but you would never know it because of her skill as a stylist. I could see her working very well with brands that want to show how many different outfits one can put together with their items.

bloggers that brands should book
top bloggers that brands should book

Thaina Blot is the quintessential Renaissance woman. She and her husband produce some of the most beautiful imagery that should be spreads in artistic and high fashion magazines. Also residing in Boston, Thaina would be a great partner for brands with an eclectic nature as well as your classic and iconic brands that want high fashion imagery without working with a renowned fashion photographer. I see Thaina working very well with beauty brands, fashion, travel and fitness campaigns. I could easily see her creating content for structural furniture brands as well.

Last but certainly not least, Shauniece of Naturally Shauniece is a triple threat. Her youtube and instagram video tutorials make anyone watching feel as if they do their own natural hair with ease. Her love of teaching and helping women shines through each and every tutorial and this is why although under 10k, her reach, impressions and engagements often triple those with triple her following. Mother of 2 pre-teen sons, Shauniece also offers practical tips for moms ranging from hair to styling. 

top bloggers brands should book

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  1. March 20, 2019 / 6:09 pm

    Wow, Jen! I am blown away by your support for the women you love. I’m so happy I found you! You inspire me to be better. Seriously. I can’t wait for us to finally meet IRL! Also, I reside in Las Vegas, was born in Boston though *woot woot*.

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