3 Apps to help you save money

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Let’s face facts. It is summer time and we are out and about far more and spending money left and right. There isn’t anything wrong with it but why not have your money stretch a little more? It’s time to save money while enjoying the summer.

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Here are 3 apps that I have been using to help you save money.

I am all about cash back. I want something for using your service or card or whatever. It is probably why I love using my paypal debit card more than my Navy Federal Credit Union debit card so much. That 1% cash back is better than nothing.

But this post is all about the apps that help you save money so here we go…

Dosh App

Kela Walker put me on to this app and I am forever thankful. You link your card to the app and if you shop at any of the participating retailers you earn money back. For instance over lunch, I walked over to Georgetown for a little retail therapy. I bought $22 bucks worth of things from Forever 21 and earned 11 bucks in cash back from the Dosh app. Yeah so basically I got 50% off at Forever 21! They are currently running a special for Forever 21 that you received 5% cash back plus 10 bucks on your first purchase! They have tons of participating retailers but I seem to be getting the most from putting gas in the car. Thank you Exxon! Oh and for my beauty mavens, it’s 4% cash back for Sephora. Load up on Fenty Beauty products and get money back…. you’re welcome!

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Clarity Money

Saving is REALLY hard for me to do. I just do not have the patience to wait for my money to grow. Because I know this about myself, I use the Clarity Money app to save up a little nest egg. I have it set up to take $10 dollars out of my bank account every Monday morning and put it away for me. I rarely notice the $10 (well $40) out of my account and I am saving without trying. My fave feature is if your bank account is a bit low in funds already, the app will not take the money out so that you aren’t left in a tight situation. You will get an email whenever they do that. I love that safeguard!

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Ebates is my JAM! I have earned nearly 500 bucks using them. It is so easy. I have the app and the chrome extension. Whenever I go to an online store, a pop up tells me that I can earn a certain amount from that store. I click accept and if I purchase anything then instant cash back! I always see it as an extra discount off what I was planning on purchasing anyway!

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  1. June 26, 2018 / 9:42 am

    I love clarity money. Gotta check out those other apps

  2. Marissa
    June 26, 2018 / 9:05 pm

    I’ve never tired ebates but I keep telling myself I will and I used a app similar to clarity called digit but they began charging a fee so I stopped using it. Thanks for your tips.